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And so it begins again…

I’ve been debating what my first post should be. It seems like a pretty important milestone for a blog. I thought about the conversation I had with myself over MMOs, about my obsession with EVE Online, and about all the more generalized topics that would make a great intro to this new endeavor.

In the end I settled on Lone Survivor. I’ve only played this one for a short while, across two sittings (which says a lot that I went back to it). It’s simple and has a level of immersion that really grabbed me.


(seriously though, I like scary things)


To be honest I was turned off at first by all of the “Wow it’s like Silent Hill!”, “Outsourced Silent Hill sucked!”, “The text is too big, the graphics look dated!”, and “Are you kidding?” banter. I don’t know why I bothered to read that crap. Then I was turned off by the intro sequence including a bit of music that sounded as if it was literally sampled right out of a Silent Hill game. But I kept playing, and I’m glad I did. For the record I really enjoyed Homecoming.

I’m not usually an indie-game-lover. I like ideas, and I appreciate what so-called Indie Devs are coming up with. One of the high points of GDC each year is crowding around the IGF booths to see all the wacky ideas that Indie Devs have come up with, seemingly absent of client needs for sell-through, but the need to differentiate Indie Devs (and indie games) from other industry efforts doesn’t sit well with me. Also, I can be picky over polish.

So, as a game, rather than an indie game industry revolution experience, Lone Survivor is a great find and definitely one I recommend to all lovers of survival horror games, scary shit, and things to do in bed while your wife sleeps to give her fucked up dreams.

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