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Asteroids, Rock, and Stone

I’m a bit behind right now, recovering from a serious cold that really knocked me out and a trip to visit my folks during which I had grandiose ideas on all the gaming I could catch up with. Of course, in the end, I pretty much just played Eve.

Yup, I ended up reactivating both of my Eve accounts. I even got a nicer mouse and a new headset to keep at home. This time around, however, I decided I’ve had enough carebearing and am reading to (finally) dive into the sometimes lucrative and always expensive expanse of PVP (hence the mining alt). With very little experience here, mostly made up of a few Eve Uni courses and wartime fleets, I decided to jump into Red vs. Blue and learn the trade, and last night I joined my first true PVP fleet.

Over a few hours I was able to re-educate myself on the basics, fix some overview issues, stick with the fleet, lose two Rifters, and help take down 11 of those red bastards — including a Drake, Scimitar, and a Retribution. Not bad considering the T1 frigs cost me just over 500k each. It took me a bit to get used to responding to FC’s primary callouts, and most of the time they’d pop before I could get lock. For future runs I’m gonna have to practice response time so that I can get in on more kills and better use my fittings. Definitely looking forward to next fleet.

On the alt side of things, I jumped in at a pivotal time for miners, which is proving to be both good and bad. With the upcoming changes to loot drop tables, meaning that industrialists gain a stronger foothold in the game’s economy — something I’m a big fan of — the price of minerals has begun to shoot up. Hey, that’s great for my mining alt, right? That’s what I thought at first. Unfortunately I didn’t think to consider the impact it might have on the mining industry overall, and waiting to upgrade into my Covetor for just a few days has turned out to be a costly decision as its average price has more than doubled in that time. Ugh. Well, it’ll all pay off in the end, I’m sure.

In other news, Legend of Grimrock is out today and Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a great review that hits home. When I first saw Grimrock the similarities to Dungeon Master were immediately apparent. I have many many many fond memories playing DM on my Atari growing up that I share with my dad. I might even still have the strategy guide written by a fan that we picked up at an Atari convention one year. I’m seriously looking forward to playing this one as DM was a majorly world-changing game for me. Going by what other DM fans are saying, this will be an ongoing recommendation of mine to fellow gamers for some time to come.

Speaking of great gaming memories, GOG has just recently re-released Darkstone. To be honest, I don’t remember the gameplay too well but I do remember spending waaaaay too much time in this one. I had actually completely forgotten about it until I was going through boxes that had been packed up for over a decade a few weeks back and stumbled across it. I grabbed it the moment I saw it land on GOG and hope to run through it again soon, though I’ll need to find a new coop partner.

I had intended to touch on some of the other (cheap) Indie purchases I made recently out of curiosity but I really haven’t spent much time with them yet. I picked up The Binding of Isaac on a recommendation from Noel Llopis but am frustrated I can’t use my 360 controller to run the game on my Mac. Will get back to that one later. I’ve also tinkered around a bit in Realm of the Mad God which reminds me of some of the early MMORPG type designs I had been working on years ago. It’s nice to see this come together and I’d say it has a lot of potential, though the leveling/questing system is currently beyond my capability to comprehend. Finally, I grabbed Hack, Slash, Loot because it seemed cute. Out of these three this is the one I’m looking forward to diving into the most. I’m a sucker for exploring and gaining XP, and this one seems to be take a pretty mindless approach making it ideal for multi-tasking with my Eve mining alt.  😉

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