Kicking ass and making games.

Catching Up

Soooo yeah… 2012 was a busy busy year.

I’ve had a list of items I’d like to post here since the summer, and then months went by without time to really follow up. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.

The Author at Rest

Some big updates to review…

  • We had our (second, and official) wedding. It was an awesome great time.
  • I’ve joined the local volunteer EMT organization, and am currently going through the very involved and demanding certification training.
  • I’m also working with a team of students on a game production course at RPI, acting as their client/producer.
  • I’ve been working on some updates around the house, including putting a nice little window seat I’m really looking forward to sitting at while I start working on a Call of Cthulhu campaign. Something else I should start writing about here.
  • Picked up a Wii U, along with a bunch of games that need writing up.
  • Along with games I’m thinking I’ll start branching out to include some of my other interests, which should hopefully get me writing a bit more often.

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