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Rainy Day Gaming

This is something I’ve been wanting to write for a long time (note the absence of posts…) but just never seem to get time to sit down and focus. I also took a break from gaming for the most part throughout this Spring, so I guess the two go hand in hand. Anyway, it’s been raining pretty much every day for the past few weeks, which I love, and it’s got me to actually sitting down and writing a bit while waiting for a build to wrap up.

Everyone knows rainy days are made for playing games and watching movies, preferably curled up on blankets and pillows with some hot coffee and warm snacks, but what games do you really wanna play on these days? There’s something to be said with the classic Nintendo moment here, and sitting down to Paper Mario or Zelda here is always great. Recently, however, the weather really pulls me to a few specific games. So here’s what’s on my mind right now…

Silent Hill: Downpour

To be honest, it took me a while to get into this. Literally played for a bit, not even reaching (spoiler alert!) Silent Hill, then stepping away from the game for a few months. When I did finally come back to it I fell in love with the game. I don’t care if you say the American SH titles aren’t Japanese enough for you, you can choose to ignore them but you don’t have to whine. I personally loved both this title and Homecoming. They’re definitely different games, and I love Downpour for different reasons than Homecoming, but both worth playing. The rain mechanic in Downpour is pretty amazing and really helps to set the mood and create a sense of immersion, though I do wish it had been used to a greater extent. The somber tones and gritty rainy environments make this a top choice for rainy day gaming.

Heavy Rain

Another odd one that took me several tries (and months) to get into. The start of this game is just plain dull, but you’ll appreciate it as you get further into the story. I’m only about halfway through now, but really got sucked into the story and its presentation. The rain mechanic here is also pretty unique and I’m totally enamored with how well it’s entwined with the story and your actions as the player. The story context is also presented well enough that my wife doesn’t seem to mind sitting on the couch while I play (this was actually one of the selling points of the game when a friend recommended it a while back). I’m anxious to get back to the game and see how the story turns out, then play through again to see what changes I can influence.

Alan Wake

It sounds weird to say, considering the number of games I’ve played, but the Alan Wake series is literally my all-time favorite. Everything in the game feels like it was created just for me. The mechanics of the flashlight, the taken, and especially the pages to collect feel perfect, and each compliments the game in its own way. More the anything, the story is completely fresh and so well told it’s made me want to play the game over and over again. If that weren’t enough, the location really strikes a chord and I’ve been a big fan of the area as presented by some of their major inspiration (Twin Peaks anyone?) for many years. Though rain doesn’t really fit into the game directly, the Pacific Northwest environments and dark settings play well to the sound of rain outside the window.


Homeworld? Really? What could that possibly have to do with rainy days…

This is one I’ve been thinking about just the past few days, and I guess it works well as a rainy day game due to emptiness of the space settings and the overhead distanced camera, giving that “lean back and watch” feeling that goes over well on a lazy rainy day. The games themselves take a unique approach to RTS and feature a well-crated storyline. I can certainly see myself enjoying a few rainy days of playing and replaying these gems.


This is actually a late addition, but I was just reminded of the fun time I had playing these games in the mornings, usually when it was all snowy out. They’re a perfect mix of humor, casual game mechanics, and pacing. For anyone (and I do mean anyone) who hasn’t played these I highly recommend them — it’s a great way to spend a rainy morning. I hear there’s a new one coming out as well…

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