Kicking ass and making games.

January, 2014

Space can be a Lonely Place

I’ve started a new toon, so I can see what the tutorials are like now (it’s been a looooong time since I’ve seen em) and am having a great time as a young character. It’d also be a great time to join me, or set off on your own, if you’re thinking of playing. Here’s […]

The Secret World – 66% Off

For anyone interested, The Secret World is on sale today on Steam. It’s a fun little game with a unique setting for an MMO (though it feels like a single player game when I play, which is fine by me). Since there’s no monthly subscription rate, it’s a good deal.

2014: The Game Plan

I’m determined. I mean with epic-punching-bag-obliteration-inducing-music-playing-in-the-background determined. I’ve got big ideas, and OMG am I going to set myself up for failure, but I’m determined to do it anyway. Since I’m in training all day tomorrow, and am right in the middle of a major HDD swap on both my drives in the PC, as […]

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Kicking and Screaming

I’m back in it now. While I wrap up another (longer) post on plans for 2014, a quick update as I make the jump back into Faction Warfare and have my rusty ass handed to me by a Breacher. Some thoughts… The Rifter is no longer the PVP powerhouse it used to be. I didn’t […]

2013: Eh?

This past year wasn’t much of a year for gaming. Not for me anyway. I mean, I actually didn’t do too bad, but looking back it really feels like I barely touched a game. In fact, I did a lot of¬†some¬†gaming. Before I try to remember what that actually entailed, however, I’m going to think […]

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New Year and a New Plan

I’ve always sort of wanted to be a writer. Not that I have any great stories that feel the need to jump onto paper, or into a screen, but something about the image of staying up all night at an empty diner, drinking coffee and scribing the dark imaginings of my short story, or some […]