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New Year and a New Plan

I’ve always sort of wanted to be a writer. Not that I have any great stories that feel the need to jump onto paper, or into a screen, but something about the image of staying up all night at an empty diner, drinking coffee and scribing the dark imaginings of my short story, or some bizarre movie script. So why don’t I?

It’s pretty obvious the site hasn’t seen as much as me as it should. But! I swear I’ve been busy. With 2014 rolling in, along with some big motivations to return to gaming, I’m looking towards more frequent (and probably smaller) updates.

I’ve a number of entries in mind, and some started, that I’ll be returning to as life gets too busy to do much proper gaming. I’m also hoping to bring in some of the interests that have been eating up my time outside of gaming, because it feels good to write.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to continue to enjoy life, and write about it… Even if it must be at a small desk in my also small off-the-bedroom office, drinking a can of Genesee. At least until I can find the time and commitment to camp out at a diner.

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