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Kicking and Screaming

I’m back in it now.

While I wrap up another (longer) post on plans for 2014, a quick update as I make the jump back into Faction Warfare and have my rusty ass handed to me by a Breacher. Some thoughts…

  1. The Rifter is no longer the PVP powerhouse it used to be.
  2. I didn’t dscan the site before dropping in, meaning I had no idea what I was going up against.
  3. Initially, I stalled. I spotted the Breacher immediately, but didn’t do anything for 2s because he wasn’t flagged as an enemy of the militia. Also, I forgot that I had warped into low sec.
  4. When I started in I set my orbit and ignored my flight path. I should have been flying manually. In fact, I never got closer than 9k, meaning my rockets were pretty much useless.
  5. I forgot to overheat. If I’m going to go out it might as well be with a bang. A big, fiery bang.
  6. I never once thought “I’m scrammed and this rocket-fit Breacher has the speed advantage“, which would have led me to try to run out of range. I bet if I were able to maintain a 15k orbit his rockets would have been useless and I could have plinked away with my autocannons. I don’t even know if I ever engaged the webber.

Definitely rusty, but it felt good to pewpew once again.


  1. When moving ammo to your cargo hold, make sure you grab the correct stack. Staring at the kill mail wondering WTF I had nearly 4M ISK worth of Republic Fleet EMP S on me…

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