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2014: The Game Plan

I’m determined. I mean with epic-punching-bag-obliteration-inducing-music-playing-in-the-background determined. I’ve got big ideas, and OMG am I going to set myself up for failure, but I’m determined to do it anyway. Since I’m in training all day tomorrow, and am right in the middle of a major HDD swap on both my drives in the PC, as well as a replacing a monitor, I’m going to think about (and write about) my game plan for 2014 seeing as I can’t really play anything right now anyway.

A Game of Gaming…

I’ve got tons of games backed up that I never got to. And I. Mean. Tons. It’s way too many to list here, and includes stacks of console games as well as a billion PC titles. If I want to organize this approach, maybe I should look at what I’ve grabbed lately and need to get to. Or maybe I need to look at the games I’ve started but never got a chance to complete. And where do I include my games that I’ve completed in the past but am dying to replay. I haven’t even bothered considering getting new consoles yet. Hmmm. I suppose the best approach is going to be to look through what’s lying around and hone in on what looks exciting. That gets me roughly somewhere around here:

Thinking on Eve…

This year I’m going to branch out and get more involved. I’ve got a few corps in mind, because it’s just so much more fun when playing with others. I’m training up to try out some ships outside of the Minmatar line. Additionally, I want to get some more experience with FW and PVP, but also try out incursions, exploration, manufacturing, trade, and low/null-sec space. Maybe spend some more time with RvB. It will definitely keep me busy, and hopefully I can find a good group to fly with.

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