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February, 2014

The Eve Tutorial Tutorial, Part 2

I’ve had a very busy few weeks, but have had this at the back of my mind the entire time, and I’ve been eager to get back to it. So before I forget where we were at, let’s pick up right where we left off… It’s now February 22nd, 2014, in Rubicon 1.2.2. 09: Training […]


The Eve Tutorial Tutorial, Part 1

I wanted to do something more practical as a followup to my recent Eve for Noobs posting, so as an experiment I’m going to create a new character and run through the game’s tutorial with an eye towards explaining in more detail what the game does not, or perhaps simply rewording where I feel the […]


Eve for Noobs, Part 1

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while, but seeing my buddy dive in head first, with little experience with non-console gaming and no experience with MMOs, has kicked my butt into gear. However, I haven’t really taken the time to properly organize my thoughts, and I’m far from an expert at Eve, […]


The Virus that is Eve

Tangentially, I just managed to convince (didn’t actually take much convincing other than reading the previous posts) my buddy Adam to try out Eve. Without realizing it he had invested multiple hours into his first character’s creation and his initial steps through the tutorial. I’m eager to see what he has to say after some […]

BNI Bound

Over the weekend I bit the bullet and moved a few ships on my recently created noob account in Eve, contracting everything else to one of my other alts, and joined up with Brave Newbies, Inc. I’ve done a bit of corporation play in the past, and one of my alts is in a long-standing, […]

You Can’t Trick Nature

So back in the fall we made the decision to separate the goats, partially to impact who mates with who in order to manage the bloodline of the herd, but also to control when they are mating. The plan was that the goats would be kidding shortly after our own daughter is born — mid-April or so. […]

The Goings On, February 1st

As usual, I haven’t had a ton of time to play lately, however I do have my HDD situation resolved, a fresh (clean!) install of Windows, and a new 32″ monitor setup. Despite not actually playing anything lately, I have found a wealth of time to invest in Eve. In-game this has mostly been training up my […]

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