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BNI Bound

Over the weekend I bit the bullet and moved a few ships on my recently created noob account in Eve, contracting everything else to one of my other alts, and joined up with Brave Newbies, Inc. I’ve done a bit of corporation play in the past, and one of my alts is in a long-standing, if not very active, industrial corp, but as wrong as it sounds, Eve has mostly been a singleplayer game for me over the years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent some time playing with close friends, and that was by far the greatest times I’ve had with the game, but I don’t mind missioning, mining, and exploring. I like figuring out the complete product cycle that converts my ore into manufactured goods, or even just good old ISK, that can fund mission, exploration, or PVP fittings. I miss that social aspect though. I’m craving the chance to fly with a regular crew of like-minded pilots with whom I can learn, pew pew, and fund our excursions.

Flying into my new low-sec home I hit a small gate camp, got popped, but escaped with my pod. And about 37k ISK to my name. However, I was able to take the contracted items — mainly ore I had AFK mined and a small collection of loot and salvage from L1 SoE mission — and turn it into over 40M ISK with my industrialist refining then passing to my trade alt to sell in Jita. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a pretty good value for a small amount of play in a young pilot’s life, and on top of the rewards I had kept or spent already. I’ll send that profit back to my new toon and invest it in frigates and destroyers, so I can return to the skies. Hopefully with some friends by my side.

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