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The Goings On, March 18th (ish)

Super late on this, but that’s okay because the past six weeks have been super busy, but not in a gamey way. At the office we’ve been prepping proposals, launching apps, and pushing full speed into production on various project. On the other hand, at home we’ve starting to nest for the little baby girl that should be arriving any day/week now. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to game.

Let’s do a recap…

Spent some time in Neverwinter, which was a ton of fun and I want to dedicate some posts specifically to it, but I’m going to need a refresher at this point. However, as a quick preview, I definitely recommend it.


Also got to delve deeper into Batman, but only in short spurts. Still enjoying the game quite a bit, but have been missing the original.


With Eve I really didn’t get much time to play, but did invest a chunk of hours on the tutorial posts, which was good fun, and some AFK mining.


I grabbed a copy of Strider when that came out, and found some fun but am having a rough time getting motivated to return to it. It’s a refreshing play, however.


And I failed at Titanfall. To the point that I returned it.

On the Wii U I actually got sucked into Skylanders SWAP Force, which is something I swore would never happen. The game is actually surprisingly fun, and the toys are extremely well integrated. Levels are a nice solid length, and the content unlocks have kept me engaged. Following that I started playing DK, which is really great but I have a few gripes with it. I need some more time with it to better familiarize myself though.

On top of that, I picked up a ton of games on sale that I haven’t been able to touch yet. My current plan moving forward is to identify the shorter plays and tackle those to clear them out of the queue. And I need to wrap up the Eve tutorials.

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