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Winter Delays

I’ve been sitting here staring at this front page, and the nearly two-month stretch of time since my last post, trying to figure out the best approach to “catching up” here. I suppose the best course of action, and the one that’s always at the top of my mind, is to take a step away from games and mention what else I’ve been up to.

And give myself a chance for a little self-directed pat on the back.

Back in mid-April my baby girl, Winter, was born and she has been (pleasantly) occupying all of my time since.

After the birth I took some time from work. Initially I was thinking it would be pretty busy with family stuff and diaper duty, sure, but I was also convinced it would provide some time for catching up on games, comics, movies, and reading during baby/mama downtime. I still say that was a reasonable expectation – certainly not as bad as the guy who secretly planned his paternity leave to be his chance to “get the band back together“…

Anyway, I ended up spending nearly all of my time (happily) supporting my wife. I did sneak in a few short gaming sessions, including a notable moment likely caused by lack of sleep, rusty gaming sensibility, and baby bliss:

I bet I can get some mining done while everyone is downstairs relaxing.

Naturally this was quickly interrupted by a quick run to answer the door – UPS delivering the (super) stroller I had ordered two days prior. That immediately gave way to an hour or so of putting it together and trying out all the cool gadgets and accessories. Anyway, by the time I realized I had left Eve running, and my Mackinaw floating out in space, I found my toon sitting comfy in a station located approximately 30 jumps away, warming up her brand new clone. Ah well, I don’t mind a little bit of ISK loss to time spent with such a (wonderfully) beautiful daughter. Not one bit.


Since then, and actually a bit before then, I have spent (some) time in (some) games that I’ll get back to writing about soon enough. Likely with my new little baby princess in tow.

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