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Monument Valley

I’ve had scant time to game lately (and actually ended up cancelling all of my MMO subscriptions) but did grab a few puzzle games that were on sale for my iPhone. Of the three I spent time with, only one kept my attention. Monument Valley, being a puzzle game set in Escher-like levels, is as much fun to stare at as it is to play, and I found myself simply flipping the rotating geometry around to watch new paths and play spaces materialize while others faded away with little trace.

There’s a bit of story, but it feels secondary to the puzzles and the dialogue is about as abstract as the puzzle environments. Though it may not set much of a goal for the player, it at least helps create some pacing across the experience.

At only ten levels it may feel a bit light, but it kept me entertained for an hour or two, and has me thinking on it a week later enough to write this. The levels felt fairly straightforward (as loosely as that term applies considering the puzzle design) but extremely rewarding to explore, up until the final level, which has a slightly different style of presentation and seemed to require more dedicated thinking. Along the way the game is sprinkled with some truly inspired graphic touches, and I only wish there was a bit more time to explore them, but perhaps that would destroy the sense of mystery these elements carry.

I’d say I definitely got my $2 worth.

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