Kicking ass and making games.

May, 2015

Daddy Dilemmas

We’ve hit a stride of discovering new adventures and mastering new skills pretty much on a daily basis. Seriously, yesterday morning my daughter was climbing up on her chair ending in a pike pose leaning against the table, crying because she didn’t know what to do or where to go. By the time she came […]


I’ve been itching for some creativity. Maybe it’s the warmer weather, or shipping half a dozen titles in roughly the past two months, but more and more I find myself thinking back to the projects and experiments I’d fit into my after hours. Surely there’s a way to fit this outlet into my currently overburdened schedule? Fast forward a […]

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One Thousand Words

Since it’s been so long, and I likely won’t get to commenting on everything I played here and there last year, I figured I’d look at my Steam screenshot library from the past 365 days and pick out some favorites to post here. Altogether I struggled paring down 1639 screenshots to end up with just over 100 to […]

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Back In It

Well, sorta. As you can probably guess my gaming (let along online-post-writing) has been pretty sporadic and brief since my daughter was born. That’s not a complaint.   Between work, the baby, the farm, and the house there’s barely time to eat and sleep, let alone play games. However, I’ve had time to try a number of […]

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