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Two and a Half Months

So I’ve been sitting on this photography portfolio for two and a half months. Not really because there are TODOs lying around in the code, much-needed optimizations and cleanup, bugs needing to be fixed, OMG the mobile, or even a proper pass at curating the photos. I’m just short on time.


I’ve been considering a “proper” site for posting my [best / favorite / whatever] photography for too long, and decided after not really seeing anything out there I really like that I should just create my own and use it as an excuse to do some more HTML5 dev. That was May 29th, and I had pretty much everything in place between Friday and Sunday of that weekend. Two and a half months.


For the record, I was able to set and accomplish a number of specific tech goals with this effort:

  • Full screen image display, responsive to any window size
  • Dynamic image loading queues, on demand, in the background
  • EXIF data parsing
  • Dynamic font styling based on the underlying image (though I think I disabled this for the time being)
  • Image scrolling transitions, controllable via keyboard entry (and, reluctantly, via big ugly left/right arrows)
  • AJAX calls using XMLHttpRequest for seamless gallery switches
  • Sexy CSS animations using color blend modes


Since then I’ve spent some small efforts here and there tweaking stuff – like adding the left/right scrolly arrows I hate, (nearly) tracking down annoying fade behavior inconsistencies and bugs, and (planning for) better memory usage. But the site is still mostly as it was back at the start of June. Two and a half months.

Time to just toss this out into the wild, get a little distance, and use that to drive some motivation to tackle my list of TODOs during the next two and a half months.


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