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More Faster

I’ve been getting a little obsessed over speed lately, likely because I’m hitting that “anal about assets” point at work which leads to hunting down and killing every unnecessary or unused asset contained in the build. It’s a good feeling. With the web that spills over into optimizing load times to minimize not just memory […]

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Two and a Half Months

So I’ve been sitting on this photography portfolio for two and a half months. Not really because there are TODOs lying around in the code, much-needed optimizations and cleanup, bugs needing to be fixed, OMG the mobile, or even a proper pass at curating the photos. I’m just short on time. http://photography.boxdev.com/ I’ve been considering a “proper” […]


Who’s Out There?: Elite Dangerous & the Space Race

All of the recent findings from Kepler and New Horizons has got me excited. Really excited. Like many people I have a childlike fascination with the stars. It’s not just that I want to know what’s out there, or hope for something bigger and more. I just have a love for the possibilities of what it could […]

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I’ve been itching for some creativity. Maybe it’s the warmer weather, or shipping half a dozen titles in roughly the past two months, but more and more I find myself thinking back to the projects and experiments I’d fit into my after hours. Surely there’s a way to fit this outlet into my currently overburdened schedule? Fast forward a […]

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