Kicking ass and making games.


Daddy Dilemmas

We’ve hit a stride of discovering new adventures and mastering new skills pretty much on a daily basis. Seriously, yesterday morning my daughter was climbing up on her chair ending in a pike pose leaning against the table, crying because she didn’t know what to do or where to go. By the time she came […]

Autumn Arrival

As per usual at the end of summer I’ve been solely focused on shipping holiday titles, and have been doing very little gaming. Or much of anything other than work. So, also as per usual, it’s a bit of a shock to wake up and realize it’s forty-two degrees out. Autumn is here. It’s time […]

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Earlier this week I received my first physical item from a Kickstarter campaign. I’d had a few digital deliveries previously, but they didn’t really provide the sense of actually contributing to something in the way that opening this box to find an awesome boxed game waiting for me. Something I could physically hold. Plus, it […]

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Winter Delays

I’ve been sitting here staring at this front page, and the nearly two-month stretch of time since my last post, trying to figure out the best approach to “catching up” here. I suppose the best course of action, and the one that’s always at the top of my mind, is to take a step away […]

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Winter Captured

I haven’t had much time for gaming lately, and even less time to devote to site posts, but I’ve had some photos I’ve been wanting to post for a while and am claiming my opportunity to do so. These are from about a month ago, a few days after one of or our bigger snowfalls […]


You Can’t Trick Nature

So back in the fall we made the decision to separate the goats, partially to impact who mates with who in order to manage the bloodline of the herd, but also to control when they are mating. The plan was that the goats would be kidding shortly after our own daughter is born — mid-April or so. […]

2013: Eh?

This past year wasn’t much of a year for gaming. Not for me anyway. I mean, I actually didn’t do too bad, but looking back it really feels like I barely touched a game. In fact, I did a lot of some gaming. Before I try to remember what that actually entailed, however, I’m going to think […]

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