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Two and a Half Months

So I’ve been sitting on this photography portfolio for two and a half months.┬áNot really because there are TODOs lying around in the code, much-needed optimizations and cleanup, bugs needing to be fixed, OMG the mobile, or even a proper pass at curating the photos. I’m just short on time. http://photography.boxdev.com/ I’ve been┬áconsidering a “proper” […]


Autumn Arrival

As per usual at the end of summer I’ve been solely focused on shipping holiday titles, and have been doing very little gaming. Or much of anything other than work. So, also as per usual, it’s a bit of a shock to wake up and realize it’s forty-two degrees out. Autumn is here. It’s time […]

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Winter Captured

I haven’t had much time for gaming lately, and even less time to devote to site posts, but I’ve had some photos I’ve been wanting to post for a while and am claiming my opportunity to do so. These are from about a month ago, a few days after one of or our bigger snowfalls […]