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One Thousand Words

Since it’s been so long, and I likely won’t get to commenting on everything I played here and there last year, I figured I’d look at my Steam screenshot library from the past 365 days and pick out some favorites to post here. Altogether I struggled paring down 1639 screenshots to end up with just over 100 to […]

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Back In It

Well, sorta. As you can probably guess my gaming (let along online-post-writing) has been pretty sporadic and brief since my daughter was born. That’s not a complaint.   Between work, the baby, the farm, and the house there’s barely time to eat and sleep, let alone play games. However, I’ve had time to try a number of […]

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Monument Valley

I’ve had scant time to game lately (and actually ended up cancelling all of my MMO subscriptions) but did grab a few puzzle games that were on sale for my iPhone. Of the three I spent time with, only one kept my attention. Monument Valley, being a puzzle game set in Escher-like levels, is as much […]

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Earlier this week I received my first physical item from a Kickstarter campaign. I’d had a few digital deliveries previously, but they didn’t really provide the sense of actually contributing to something in the way that opening this box to find an awesome boxed game waiting for me. Something I could physically hold. Plus, it […]

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The Goings On, June 11th

Sadly I started this post nearly a week ago. It really is that tough to get time in front of the computer lately. Ah well. A Weekend for Gaming Back at the end of March I managed a marathon gaming weekend (well, for me it was pretty epic). Frustrated by the lack of gaming I’ve […]

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Oh Brother

I finally sat down to play through Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons which, despite the somewhat clunky/innovative controls, was quite a fun experience. For those that haven’t seen, Brothers is a sort of single-player coop game, where you control two brothers using an analog stick/trigger combo for each. I takes a while to […]

Year Walk

This weekend I’ve had a bit of time to play some of the shorter titles sitting in my Steam queue, including the fabulous Year Walk. The best word I can come up with to describe the game is charming. Its story is based in Scandinavian folklore, and it does a great job of transporting the […]

The Eve Tutorial Tutorial, Part 3

Taking advantage of some free time today to wrap up the initial tutorial, before moving on to the career agents. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading parts 1 and 2, as well as this Eve for Noobs post, which this post builds upon. It’s now March 23rd, Rubicon 1.3.2, and our poor Theila has […]


The Goings On, March 18th (ish)

Super late on this, but that’s okay because the past six weeks have been super busy, but not in a gamey way. At the office we’ve been prepping proposals, launching apps, and pushing full speed into production on various project. On the other hand, at home we’ve starting to nest for the little baby girl […]

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Titanfall Video Review

Wasn’t quite sure where to start with this, since I’ve had the game for about a week now and have yet to be able to play it. From dropped connections to lost audio, stuttered and halted video, and the eventual crash to desktop, the game has offered me a wide range of play styles. I […]

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