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Music is Dead

Recently, as I grew tired of listening to the same stuff over and over again from my phone, I tossed my big CD book into the truck and have been revisiting some albums I hadn’t heard in a while. This got me to reminisce over the feeling of discovering a new band, or picking up […]

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New Year and a New Plan

I’ve always sort of wanted to be a writer. Not that I have any great stories that feel the need to jump onto paper, or into a screen, but something about the image of staying up all night at an empty diner, drinking coffee and scribing the dark imaginings of my short story, or some […]

Toy Fair!

Or, “OMG Things That I Need!” Had a chance to visit Toy Fair 2013 down in the city a week and a half ago. While I’ve been to plenty of gaming events over the years, and have reaped the benefits of Toy Fair in the past, this is my first time actually attending. It was […]

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Catching Up

Soooo yeah… 2012 was a busy busy year. I’ve had a list of items I’d like to post here since the summer, and then months went by without time to really follow up. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Some big updates to review… We had our (second, and official) wedding. It was […]

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