Kicking ass and making games.


So yeah, what is this all about?

I’ve been wanting to make a blog for a while, as if I don’t have enough to keep me busy already, and while driving into work the other morning started thinking about all the old MMOs I’ve played and how I miss them. Then about all the games I’ve played growing up and how I miss those. Anyway, after a while of talking to myself I remember that I’m not getting any younger and, coincidentally, my memory is not what it used to be.

Hence: Blog!

I’ve got a few things I’m setting out to do here, though I’m sure this will evolve over time as my interests are many and varied (and due to that failing memory I tend to forget what I’m interested in, seeking out new stuff instead…).

  • Document the games I love, and those I don’t love, as many of my fondest memories are wrapped around games.
  • Track my findings, frustrations, and fortunes within EVE Online, which I’ve played off and on since its launch. It’s still one of the few games I constantly crave.
  • Analyze games and my other interests, mostly for my edification, to get it out of my head and dumped somewhere more useful.

I had this domain kicking around, mostly unused, for the past 10 years or so and always intended to put more of my game designs on it, along with a personal record of games played (and a way-back-when idea for the [WC] Wrecking Crew clan). Seemed like I should dig this up and put it to good use.


And exactly who is this guy?

Since this seems to be required by the anti-social norms of the web, here goes:

  • Avid gamer since the late 70s
  • Professional game developer since ~1999
  • Admitted Achievement whore
  • Part-time musician, artist, and author
  • Dairy farmer (goats, not cattle, though I’m open to trying new things)
  • Volunteer EMT
  • I seem to have inherited my father’s love of technology and my mother’s inability to throw anything away
  • Happily married to a loving wife [EDIT: and father to the most wonderful daughter there ever was]


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