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Eve Online

Who’s Out There?: Elite Dangerous & the Space Race

All of the recent findings from Kepler and New Horizons has got me excited. Really excited. Like many people I have a childlike fascination with the stars. It’s not just that I want to know what’s out there, or hope for something bigger and more. I just have a love for the possibilities of what it could […]

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Back In It

Well, sorta. As you can probably guess my gaming (let along online-post-writing) has been pretty sporadic and brief since my daughter was born. That’s not a complaint.   Between work, the baby, the farm, and the house there’s barely time to eat and sleep, let alone play games. However, I’ve had time to try a number of […]

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Autumn Arrival

As per usual at the end of summer I’ve been solely focused on shipping holiday titles, and have been doing very little gaming. Or much of anything other than work. So, also as per usual, it’s a bit of a shock to wake up and realize it’s forty-two degrees out. Autumn is here. It’s time […]

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Winter Delays

I’ve been sitting here staring at this front page, and the nearly two-month stretch of time since my last post, trying to figure out the best approach to “catching up” here. I suppose the best course of action, and the one that’s always at the top of my mind, is to take a step away […]

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The Eve Tutorial Tutorial, Part 3

Taking advantage of some free time today to wrap up the initial tutorial, before moving on to the career agents. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading parts 1 and 2, as well as this Eve for Noobs post, which this post builds upon. It’s now March 23rd, Rubicon 1.3.2, and our poor Theila has […]


The Goings On, March 18th (ish)

Super late on this, but that’s okay because the past six weeks have been super busy, but not in a gamey way. At the office we’ve been prepping proposals, launching apps, and pushing full speed into production on various project. On the other hand, at home we’ve starting to nest for the little baby girl […]

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An Inside Look at your Pod

Around the start of February I logged in to find my character spawning offset within the hangar bay at the station in which I was docked. Just one of those funny things I guess (unless you want to read into where I’m standing and make the assumption that collision planes were created there with plans […]

The Eve Tutorial Tutorial, Part 2

I’ve had a very busy few weeks, but have had this at the back of my mind the entire time, and I’ve been eager to get back to it. So before I forget where we were at, let’s pick up right where we left off… It’s now February 22nd, 2014, in Rubicon 1.2.2. 09: Training […]


The Eve Tutorial Tutorial, Part 1

I wanted to do something more practical as a followup to my recent Eve for Noobs posting, so as an experiment I’m going to create a new character and run through the game’s tutorial with an eye towards explaining in more detail what the game does not, or perhaps simply rewording where I feel the […]


Eve for Noobs, Part 1

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while, but seeing my buddy dive in head first, with little experience with non-console gaming and no experience with MMOs, has kicked my butt into gear. However, I haven’t really taken the time to properly organize my thoughts, and I’m far from an expert at Eve, […]


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