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After a great intro to FC and PvP yesterday I’ve started reading through Wensley’s Rifter Guide, which is chock full of great info so far. Seriously looking forward to getting back out there to fly and pew pew soon but unfortunately my week is getting uglier by the minute. Felt the need for something “new” […]

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Covetor Acquired!

Quick update on yesterday’s post… Last night I bit the bullet and made the trek from Minmatar space to Jita to grab a Covetor for far less than I was seeing in Metropolis. I also hopped into my Mammoth thanks to Minmatar Industrial wrapping up yesterday, which I almost overlooked. Now I’m all set to […]


Asteroids, Rock, and Stone

I’m a bit behind right now, recovering from a serious cold that really knocked me out and a trip to visit my folks during which I had grandiose ideas on all the gaming I could catch up with. Of course, in the end, I pretty much just played Eve. Yup, I ended up reactivating both […]

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And so it begins again…

I’ve been debating what my first post should be. It seems like a pretty important milestone for a blog. I thought about the conversation I had with myself over MMOs, about my obsession with EVE Online, and about all the more generalized topics that would make a great intro to this new endeavor. In the […]

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