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Wii U

The Goings On, March 18th (ish)

Super late on this, but that’s okay because the past six weeks have been super busy, but not in a gamey way. At the office we’ve been prepping proposals, launching apps, and pushing full speed into production on various project. On the other hand, at home we’ve starting to nest for the little baby girl […]

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2014: The Game Plan

I’m determined. I mean with epic-punching-bag-obliteration-inducing-music-playing-in-the-background determined. I’ve got big ideas, and OMG am I going to set myself up for failure, but I’m determined to do it anyway. Since I’m in training all day tomorrow, and am right in the middle of a major HDD swap on both my drives in the PC, as […]

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Catching Up

Soooo yeah… 2012 was a busy busy year. I’ve had a list of items I’d like to post here since the summer, and then months went by without time to really follow up. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Some big updates to review… We had our (second, and official) wedding. It was […]

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